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Why on earth do you keep bees?

By | March 9, 2013

Subtitled: Please don’t sue me, News International Once people know that I keep bees, they are intrigued by the “how” of keeping bees, but probably more so the “why” of keeping bees. I am also realising I find it hard to clearly explain the “how and the why” to people. I get too involved, the […]

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London Orchard Project

By | February 10, 2013


Practicing beekeeping opens your eyes to the environment, and to the seasons. Will the weather be warm? wet? windy? sunny? this week? this month? What flowers and forage are┬ánearby and coming into bloom? In the allotment I notice apple trees, victoria plums, pears, berries, and a wide range of vegetables budding, blooming and fruiting, and […]

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Pass the baton, please

By | September 22, 2012

I recently posted my hive on the Urban Bees bee map. Urban Bees is run by Brian McCallum and Alison Benjamin, who are probably best to introduce themselves. They are all about training and education, social enterprise, writing books, and or course, bees. I did their one day taster course at Camley St Nature Park […]

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Autumn Harvest

By | September 2, 2012

Its time to harvest honey from the hive. Looking around the allotment, its also time to harvest from the garden. The plants have been drawing from the warmth and sun, and investing into fruits and vegetables. Im no botanist, but check out these awesome pictures from around the allotment.

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Autumn harvest

By | August 17, 2012

Around August, honey is being harvested. The bees have been busily making honey all spring and summer, preparing themselves so they can sit around warming the hive over winter, and feasting on their summer’s labour. The queen reduces the amount of eggs she lays, so there is more honey to go around with less mouths. […]

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