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We sow the seed, nature grows the seed, then we eat the seed

By | July 30, 2012

I’m 2 weeks into owning my own hive, and things are going great guns. The weather turned nice virtually the day I received the small 5 frame nucleus, and the bees have been getting out on the warm, dry, still days and collecting pollen, and nectar. At this time of year, the queen would normally […]

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A nearby supermarket increases your home’s value

By | July 22, 2012

Now the bees are in and collecting pollen, I’m starting to think more about the surrounding location. I knew that the allotment would be a great spot with regard to friendly people welcoming a hive on their turf, but bees fly over fences. And they need to visit ALOT of flowers, more than one allotment […]

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So, this is what I have become

By | July 20, 2012

One anxious week on, and I went and checked the hive this evening (Friday). I had to avoid a few celebratory work drinks, as bees wont respond well to the smell of alcohol (or strong perfumes, and petrol etc). So, this is what I have become of a Friday eve. I’m quite conscious that I’ve […]

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By | July 15, 2012

Today was a mile stone in my beek learnings, as I located a nucleus of bees into my own hive! An early morning start got me down to Whyteleafe near Croydon, to pick up a 5 frame nucleus from the marvellous David and Celia from East Surrey Bees. A perhaps slightly too fast drive back […]

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Beek Progress

By | July 8, 2012

I’m a fan of perspective, taking a moment to step back and see where you’ve come from, and where you are going (though my work colleagues may disagree that I’m any good at it..) Around Christmas 2011, I decided to make an effort to learn more about beekeeping, but was unsure where to start. I’d […]

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