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Autumn approaches..

By | September 7, 2013

September has arrived, bringing the cooler weather of autumn, and fewer flower blooms (meaning less nectar and pollen). Thankfully England does a great autumn, with those lush green broad leaved London plane trees, Horse chestnuts, and lime trees putting on a fantastic show of colour. August is the usual time to harvest honey at the […]

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The perils of Winter

By | March 23, 2013

Today most likely marks the coldest Winter in 50 years, with snow falling in London (and the rest of the UK) in the last weekend of March – one week before British Summer time starts. HA! I say likely, because we dont yet know officially¬†how cold it will get. I suspect this weekend may break […]

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Pesticides & ciggy sounding substances

By | March 16, 2013

Bees visit flowering crops to collect nectar and pollen, to feed and sustain the colony.¬†Unfortunately, this isn’t all they collect. Agriculturalists understandably like to protect their crops from insects, and so spray with pesticides, insecticides and/or herbicides. These pesticides and insecticides don’t distinguish between “good” insects, and “bad” insects. What is a pest, or a […]

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Oxalic acid: more varroa management

By | February 4, 2013

This weekend, I managed to get more organised – it’s my responsibility to the colony. While there is a very positive low varroa count, and the population of bees look healthy, I felt a need to not do half measures in my management. I got a treatment of oxalic acid delivered, and thankfully there was […]

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Autumn descends

By | November 18, 2012

Now mid-November, the majority of hive preparation should be complete. The days are cooler, darker, windier, and wetter – the opposite of the beehive favourite. During autumn and winter, the bees stay inside the warm & dry hive, with their honey stores, and wait out the cooler weather. Mice too, would like a warm and […]

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