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Scoping and snooping

By | March 31, 2012

As well as working with the Walmer Gardens hive, I’m keen to set up one of my own. I’ve been emailing some local allotments to test their appetite. A local one has expressed some cautious interest, and the general location from my perspective is ideal. Ill need to visit once per week during Spring / […]

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Bee space

By | March 30, 2012

One of the more unusual things I’ve learnt about is bee space. Bees like their hive to be water tight and warm, so they can build up comb and fill with brood (young) and honey. Any small gaps or cracks in the hive, bees like to fill in with a glue like substance propolis, for […]

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Class number four

By | March 28, 2012

I was looking forward to class four, but also a little melancholic. It was our last theory class and I’d been realising how much I didn’t know. Finding more courses, books and channels to learn was going to be necessary, but I viewed that as a really positive sign. Class four was about some of the more […]

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By | March 25, 2012

London is having a cracking weekend, sunny, windless days reaching around 20 degrees Celcius. One thing Im looking forward to, is watching the bees operate within changes to the environment. Bees dont hibernate over winter. They remain in the hive, and operate in a lock down mode. Over summer, hive numbers can reach 50 – […]

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Home wanted, with room for 50,000 pets

By | March 24, 2012

With the course underway, I started thinking where to keep a hive. It’s quite possible to keep bees in the middle of the city, on roof tops or back yards (politely informing neighbours..). Urban bee keeping thrives in London. I wasn’t keen to keep one in our back yard (just yet) and unsurprisingly neither was […]

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