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How many bees are in a hive then?

By | March 31, 2013

People often raise their eyebrows at how many bees are in the colony over Winter. They usually curse when I tell them how many there are in the peak of Summer! Here’s an overview of the population fluctuation through the year. It’s intended as a general overview, and from a northern hemisphere point of view […]

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Sugary Easter treats

By | March 29, 2013

So RIP the community beehive. Thankfully, it sounds like another ‘starter’ colony or nuc / nucleus has been found to get the hive up and running again. Meanwhile my bees at the allotment are itching to get out and stretch their wings after being cooped up all Winter. The colony is strong and healthy, with […]

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The perils of Winter

By | March 23, 2013

Today most likely marks the coldest Winter in 50 years, with snow falling in London (and the rest of the UK) in the last weekend of March – one week before British Summer time starts. HA! I say likely, because we dont yet know officially¬†how cold it will get. I suspect this weekend may break […]

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Pesticides & ciggy sounding substances

By | March 16, 2013

Bees visit flowering crops to collect nectar and pollen, to feed and sustain the colony.¬†Unfortunately, this isn’t all they collect. Agriculturalists understandably like to protect their crops from insects, and so spray with pesticides, insecticides and/or herbicides. These pesticides and insecticides don’t distinguish between “good” insects, and “bad” insects. What is a pest, or a […]

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Weather geekery

By | March 10, 2013

Spring and Summer 2012 wasn’t great for bees, one main factor was the weather. For humans, the start of Spring was concentrated awesome. It was the warmest March since 1957, the 3rd warmest since 1910. March was also very dry, with less than a 3rd of the normal rainfall. The driest March since 1953, and […]

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