Why on earth do you keep bees?

By | March 9, 2013

Subtitled: Please don’t sue me, News International

Once people know that I keep bees, they are intrigued by the “how” of keeping bees, but probably more so the “why” of keeping bees.

I am also realising I find it hard to clearly explain the “how and the why” to people. I get too involved, the picture in my mind’s eye develops as I’m explaining the buzz, the smell, the intricate dance and society inside the colony. I loose all perspective, lost in my imagination and forget to notice my audience’s response. Most likely, its a look of “how do I get a word in edge ways, to try to change the subject…”

TheTimesJohnCareyMuch to my Guardian & Observer reading-wife’s horror I recently subscribed to The Times newspaper.
Sure, it has a right wing political slant like Baldwin St, and is owned by a media mogul with questionable motives (worse still, an Australian..) – but it’s a bloody good read – and named newspaper of the year 2012.

John Carey writes for The Times, and is emeritus Merton Professor of English Literature at the University of Oxford. He’s also a beekeeper, who recently wrote (miles better than I) about the how and the why of beekeeping.

At risk of legal action, I’ve brought John Carey’s article out from behind the paywall to share it with you. I’m sure it will help explain the drive behind us weirdy beardy backyard conservationists. If I can share the joy, satisfaction and interest of beekeeping, the risk is worth it (but maybe not worth a costly lawsuit)

Without the buzz of bees, life won’t be sweet _ The Times


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