Scoping and snooping

By | March 31, 2012

As well as working with the Walmer Gardens hive, I’m keen to set up one of my own.
I’ve been emailing some local allotments to test their appetite.
A local one has expressed some cautious interest, and the general location from my perspective is ideal. Ill need to visit once per week during Spring / Summer, so a close location is quite necessary.

This morning I went scoping and snooping, and looked about the allotment.
Its quite a  large site, and borders on a railway line, a busy two lane A road, some residential houses, a cemetery and tennis courts.

As I looked about, I could spy some promising spots I thought were ideal.
To keep the hive, I only need around a 10 * 10 foot area to seat the hive and enough room to be able to work on it, separating sections while inspecting the health of the hive.
Of course, inspecting will cause a bit of bee activity, and a colony on the  allotment will mean a few extra insects buzzing about, while the locals tend to their gardens. The supervisors have mentioned a few children also visit the allotment.

I could turn the children factor to my favour, and educate them about the bee colony. How many kids would want to actually see a bee hive opened up?!

In all, I think the main obstacles I’ll need to surpass are;

  • - reassuring the allotment owners that there is very little risk,
  • - communicating the advantages to the gardens of a local bee colony
  • - convincing them that I’ve some idea of what I’m doing!

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