Spring! and some simple division

By | June 9, 2014

This weekend has been about swarm management, where I split the colony into a main hive, and a nucleus.

Spring has brought some lovely weather – in fact I think is now officially summer (hurrah), and with this warm weather the bees want to grow new queens. Its a good sign of colony strength, so its a welcomed sign. But it does test a beekeepers fundamental skill and knowledge. And ability to do maths.

While the queen is always laying bucket loads of eggs to make new bees, making new queens is the way the colony reproduces and makes a second colony. And one hive can only hold one queen… so if there are two queens in the hive, one departs taking half of the bees with her i.e. a swarm.

To manage the queen making / swarm process, I moved the old queen into a new box (or nucleus). Ill leave her here until I am certain the main hive has grown a new queen, who is successfully laying. Of course she will be a virgin, so needs to successfully mate with a male from another hive – if my teenage years tell me anything, this is not a guaranteed procedure and a lot of luck and/or skill is required. Hell, who am I kidding – teenage years?!

[My low effort instagram link to a 15 second video of the hive on a sunny Sunday afternoon]

A beaut Sunday afternoon #beekeepering

Anyway, all going well, I’ll have two healthy productive hives within a month or two.
1 colony + another colony = 2 colonies!
So at least I’m confident I can get the maths bit right.

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