Connect Four anyone?

By | May 16, 2012

Last Thursday the weather was still atrocious.
Lots of rain, and not many warm days, so it wasnt surprising that we didnt find much pollen or nectar in the Rua Tekau hive – the bees simply hadnt been able to go out forraging.

Thankfully though, the first priority had been a success, the bees were healthy and active, and no longer starving. There was lots buzzing about activity, playing yahtzee I suppose  while they wait for a fine day to go flying.
There wasnt that much capped brood (eggs that had begun to pupate), but we may see more this week (due to the egg / larvae / pupae life cycle).

Interestingly though, there were quit a few Queen Cells. That is, the bees had taken half a dozen eggs, fed them with royal jelly, and increased their honeycomb cell size – they wanted to make more queens, which generally means they want to swarm.
We werent certain why, and we may get more indicators this week.
At this stage we just killed each of those Queen Cells.

If there is further indication of  swarming, we might need to do an artificial swarm – a method to take them out of one hive, and put them in another to make them think they have swarmed. Exciting stuff with a 60,000 strong colony!

They are probably just sick of yahtzee.
Perhaps we should give them some Boggle, or Connect Four to interest them, until the British Summer arrives.

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