Staveley Road Wildlife Area

By | May 20, 2012

Staveley Road, Chiswick W4

Staveley Road, Chiswick W4

Staveley Road is home to the Chiswick Horticultural Society. There’s a quite large allotment, with a thriving gardening community also.

Ive been discussing with these charming english folk the possibility of hosting a hive at their wildlife allotment, a previously disused section of the allotment that has been cleared and regenerated.

Slowly but surely, Im hopeful I can host a hive here, first ensuring the nearby allotment owners are comfortable with the situation.

Its fairly common to host a hive on an allotment, the Staveley Road site being ideal as it is slightly removed from the gardening plots.
There are often children on the gardening allotments so I understand the care they want to take, but this could be a useful angle – Im pretty sure as a kid I would have jumped at the chance of looking into a beehive.

Its likely the nearby gardeners also are hesitant about a few bees buzzing about, especially if they dont know how active a hive is. Most people have only come into contact with bees in undesirable situations, so a little reassurance should go a long way.

There’s plenty of forage nearby for the bees, so its beneficial for the gardeners who will have some local pollinators, and also receive the odd jar of honey. A Trading Hut is on site too, selling all sorts of gardening gear – Im sure a few pots of local honey would be a welcome addition.
There’s even a pond on site, providing a local water source for the hive. water is collected to help cool the hive down on hot days. Water is also mixed with the capped stored honey, making the honey liquid enough for the bees to drink.

Now, there’s just the simple matter of navigating the well connected bureaucracy of the Chiswick Horticultural Society…

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