By | July 15, 2012

Making themselves quickly at home, and bringing back some pollen

Making themselves quickly at home, and bringing back some pollen

Today was a mile stone in my beek learnings, as I located a nucleus of bees into my own hive! An early morning start got me down to Whyteleafe near Croydon, to pick up a 5 frame nucleus from the marvellous David and Celia from East Surrey Bees.

A perhaps slightly too fast drive back around the M25, some clumsy and amateur but recoverable mistakes got my 2012 yellow queen, and the 5 frames of healthy looking brood into their new home.

I first started with a contact feeder, but later in the day decided on putting on the Ashforth feeder I’d recently bought. The Ashforth feeder will allow larger amounts of sugar syrup to be fed to the colony, and less disruption when filling up. I wont be surprised if the first week or so I need to feed them regular doses of sugar syrup, providing them the energy to draw out the wax honey comb on the 5 blank foundation frames in the brood box.

I did also start with the queen excluder below the brood box, but later in the day located that above. It seemed as bees were returning to the hive, they might have had some trouble getting through the grill. The bees were out foraging so knew where their new home was, and were collecting some very yellow pollen.

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