So, this is what I have become

By | July 20, 2012

One anxious week on, and I went and checked the hive this evening (Friday).
I had to avoid a few celebratory work drinks, as bees wont respond well to the smell of alcohol (or strong perfumes, and petrol etc).
So, this is what I have become of a Friday eve.

I’m quite conscious that I’ve been granted an area in a public domain at the allotment, and very thankful for that. A Friday night check to make sure all is well before most people do their weekend gardening seemed polite enough. Especially one week in, I couldn’t think of a worse introduction if they weren’t behaving themselves..

Yellow dot marks the spot

Yellow dot marks the spot

Anyway, I was delighted to find that they were doing very well, and extremely well behaved. Over the week they have been collecting some lovely yellow pollen, which is an important protein source fed to pupae and larvae.

I papp’ed a photo of the Queen – she’s the one with the big yellow dot on her back, which makes her easy to identify when inspecting the hive.
The colour also tells me that she was born this year, and has been laying a good dose of eggs so must have settled in.

I’ve also got a picture of wax comb, as they are building out the hive.
On the right you can see the foundation sheet that was put in to start them off, and guide them on the size of the cells. To the left they have built depth into the comb, creating the hexagonal cells.

Cells to the left have some depth built up, cells to the right have yet to be worked on

Cells to the left have some depth built up, cells to the right have yet to be worked on

The cells can store nectar which is later converted into honey, may also store pollen, or bee eggs which will then develop into larvae, and then pupae where the cell is capped by a wax cap, to let the bee inside develop further into an adult.

I’ve been feeding the bees some sugar syrup to get them going while its been a bit wet and as a welcome meal, to help them with some energy to draw out the wax comb.
Im looking forward to the warm weather forecast, as I’m sure they are too.

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