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By | July 22, 2012

Now the bees are in and collecting pollen, I’m starting to think more about the surrounding location. I knew that the allotment would be a great spot with regard to friendly people welcoming a hive on their turf, but bees fly over fences. And they need to visit ALOT of flowers, more than one allotment can provide.

Loads of forage within 750 metres

Loads of forage within 750 metres

In the immediate area, there is the green space of Duke’s Meadow, University of Westminster Sports Ground, Turnham Green Cricket Club, and not forgetting the delightful and tree filled Chiswick House. That’s all within a 750 metre radius, not to mention crowd sourcing the diverse gardens of all those Radio4-listening-Saturday-afternoon-gardening-followed-by-gin-and-a-snooze-West-Londoners.

But bees will usually forage around 1.5 miles / 2.4 km from the hive. Stretching out this far includes the London Wetland Centre, the Leg of Mutton Nature Reserve, and the borders of Richmond Park, and Kew Gardens.

The bees aren’t on a leash, so when Kew Gardens gets into full flower I’m pretty optimistic they’ll be coming home with a wide variety of sugary and polleny booty.

Kew Gardens and Richmond Park are also within range

Kew Gardens and Richmond Park are also within range

The diversity of Richmond Park through the seasons is something Im continually stunned by, and although appearing more wild and scrubby than the manicured Kew, Im sure the Park will also provide ample and diverse forage.

A diverse forage is important to lengthen the season for bees. In rural landscapes, some hives may be close to one very large pollen source, but once that has bloomed there may be very few other sources left. So, you better have made hay while the sun was shining. All your eggs are in one basket and should something go wrong, you’ve not much left to fall back on. In fact due to the more diverse forage, urban hives can be more productive, for longer periods and produce more honey than country hives.

Now with all these fantastic sources, what I really need is a ten hive apiary..

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