Pass the baton, please

By | September 22, 2012

I recently posted my hive on the Urban Bees bee map.
Urban Bees is run by Brian McCallum and Alison Benjamin, who are probably best to introduce themselves. They are all about training and education, social enterprise, writing books, and or course, bees. I did their one day taster course at Camley St Nature Park which as excellent, well worth the time and reasonable cost to explore this fascinating world.

Through the Urban Bee map a real live person got in touch, asking to come and see my hive! Last night I reflected how much I was looking forward to checking the bees this weekend. In the short space of time I’ve tended my single hive, I’m suprised how satisfying and addictive a hobby bee keeping is. You can’t keep that to yourself, so it will be a great day today, sharing the joy of bee keeping with another budding enthusiast.

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