Kiwi hives

By | December 27, 2012

Pohutukawa hum with summer activity

Pohutukawa hum with summer activity

While my English hive rests through winter, I’m fortunate enough to have a summer holiday in New Zealand.

A trip to the Northland coast was a delightful trip down memory lane, to Ohawini, Oakura and Mimiwhangata beaches, just outside Whangarei.

Surprisingly for me, we noticed a few road side hives, many more than I’d ever seen while growing up in Northland.

Perhaps I wasn’t looking for them as a non beek, but it’s hard to miss rows of 20 road side hives in mid summer, with bees excitedly feasting on an abundance of red flowering pohutukawa and manuka.

The lazy buzz of working bees, twinned with the rhythmic chirping of cicadas is a delightful sound of summer.




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