Winter activity

By | March 3, 2013

Austrian_Snow_shedThrough winter, the bees generally stay huddled in the hive, keeping warm and eating honey. This leaves the beekeeper with little work to do, but learn more about their craft.

Through Spring, Summer and Autumn weekly hive checks are important to maintain the health of the colony. I’ve realised this might disrupt any summer holiday planning, to be kept to within one week.

Austrian_snowshuteFortunately, I love snow, and Austria.
So it seems each year I’ll need to take some of my holiday leave in the Tirolean area of West Austria. A place of warm hospitality, a little bit of inbred mountain┬ácrazy, dumpling soup, apple strudel and outstanding snow.



It’s said that Austrian farmers each had (have?) a beehive on their farms. I do wonder how they handle these conditions though.. Perhaps a summer trip is in order..

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