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By | March 24, 2012

Home of the Ealing Transition community hive

Home of the Ealing Transition community hive

With the course underway, I started thinking where to keep a hive. It’s quite possible to keep bees in the middle of the city, on roof tops or back yards (politely informing neighbours..). Urban bee keeping thrives in London.

I wasn’t keen to keep one in our back yard (just yet) and unsurprisingly neither was Sas. Allotments seemed a a fairly logical option, and I emailed a range of local supervisors to see if they were keen.

I found Ealing Transition Community Garden, restoring community resistance in the face of peak oil. They have an allotment off Popes Lane, Gunnersbury. As luck would have it, that’s quite close to home, and they had already applied to Capital Bee receiving funding to keep a hive!

A few emails later and I had been invited to join the Capital Bee project with Ealing Transition, by another Wellingtonian living in West London. They were relocating to Walmer Gardens, where I’d be able to learn with a group of other beginners. Another result! More on Walmer Gardens later.

I’m following a second lead, to keep my own hive on a local allotment. It looks like a great spot, but the locals want a bit more information and reassurance, as there are frequently children on the allotment. The wise thing might be to wait until next summer. But what’s the worst that could happen..?


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