Bio: from geek to beek

I’ve been interested in honey bees since studying Zoology at University of Otago, NZ. I was quite fascinated by the social structure, the collective conscious, and altruism displayed in a hive. Waggle dancing deserves a special mention!

Bearded and suited - from geek to beek

Bearded and suited – from geek to beek

I once tried to study the correlation between distance flown from the hive, and the amount of pollen and nectar collected in that flight.
The economics of nectar collection – energy expended plotted against energy collected.

I couldn’t have failed more miserably, and I’m yet to thank my brother for reviewing the resulting report, while politely not making me feel like a complete douche.

A kiwi living in London, I’ve recently been surprised urban bee keeping, and learnt a little more about it. I’m keen to turn this interest into reality, and keep my own hives. It’s likely to remain just a hobby but the more I learn, the more I feel certain I won’t ever be without a beehive.

I know it will be a fun journey, so I’ve decided to blog it.
There’ll be plenty of weird bee trivia as I learn more about these fascinating furry little creatures.
And desperately try to avoid puns.