I’ve decided to keep a small set of accounts, to keep track of what I’ve bought to get into bee keeping.
It’s a personal log, but some might be interested how much it costs to get involved.


Urban Bees introductory course, £55

Zoo Train beginners course, £170

BBKA Correspondence Course, £45

East Surrey Bees, beginner practical course, £95


National Trust – A practical guide to Beekeeping, £7.99

Ted Hooper – Guide to Bees & Honey, £9.09

Bee craft magazine subscription, 12 months, £22

Alison Benjamin & Brian McCallum – A World without Bees, £8.99

Alison Benjamin & Brian McCallum – Bees in the City, £10.00

Beekeeping Study Notes: BBKA BASIC Certificate, £10.50


Ealing & District Beekeeping Association membership, 12 months, £30


National Hive with Flat Roof, National Bee Supplies (unassembled) £148.56
includes; Brood box (unassembled), Varroa floor, entrance w/ entrance block, Crown board, metal flat roof

Super, National Bee Supplies  (unassembled), £30.42
Super, National Bee Supplies  (unassembled), £30.42

Shallow Hoffman frames, 10 (unassembled) £14.94
Shallow frame foundation, 10 £6.44
Brood Hoffman frames, 10, (unassembled) £14.94
Brood frame foundation, 10, £10.58
500g Frame Nails, £8.17

Brood dummy board, £6.04

Hive glue (to assemble the hive) £7.28
Hive stand with legs, £41.26

Wire Queen Excluder (NBS), £18.37
Ashforth Feeder, (NBS) £47.26


Bee keeping suit with fencing veil, £49.50

Wellington boots, £12.99

Smoker, stainless steel, Etna domed top, new, £16.50

Bee Brush, new, £5.75

Hive Tool (scraper), new, £6.25
J style Hive tool, new, £7.95

Contact feeder, £5

Queen cage, £5.93

Cranked uncapping fork, £7.84

Carpenters canvas carry bag, £9.95

Waterproof digital camera both video and still, Panasonic HX-WA10, extravagant, £179.99

100 Nitrile gloves, £6.25

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